About Alstravel

hi! i'm alistair

I help Travellers find stuff to do, book their tickets for all forms of travel and accommodation.

When I’m not out exploring or hiking, backpacking or just soaking up some sunlight, I can be found in coffee shops, lounges or anywhere with an internet connection.

I’m a business blogger that blogs for profit.  I enjoy strong black filter coffee, beer, wine and good Vegan Meals.  

At home I’m a cook, vegetable gardener, brewer and woodworker.

My Mission

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to find everything you need to book and enjoy you next travel experience starting right here.

Find information for experiences, cruises, flights, car rentals , gear and so much more.

Plan ahead and make your next trip an enjoyable and a memorable experience

Being outdoors is such a great way to unwind, let go of anxiety and explore your surroundings.


Experience The Outdoors

Find packing lists and ideas for meals to take with you on your hikes, whether it be for a day or for a few weeks.

Being prepared for the outdoors with the right medical, nutrition, hydration and shelter you need will make the difference between an enjoyable or miserable experience.

What You'll Find

Resources and information to prepare for your trip with planners, packing lists, daily stop/rest points, route markers, shelter, nutrition, safety equipment, tech setup, physical gear, etc