It's Time to Start Backpacking

Whether you’re new to Backpacking or a seasoned Backpacker, you’ll find helpful resources here

Solo Backpacking Trips

Planning a Solo Backpacking Trip? Check out some of the most popular Areas to do some Solo backpacking round Canada

Family Hiking Day Trips

A Family Hike can be fun. What better way to bond than spend time with each other out in nature. Find the best Family Day Hiking Trails right here

Forest or Lake?

Do you prefer being in the middle of the forest or do you prefer being near water? Check out some of the trails that have the best of both worlds

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Cabin People

If you don't like the idea of sleeping outside in a tent, we've got you covered. Check out some of the trails we've found with cabins to sleep over

Ready to Backpack?

The open air is refreshing, the moss carpet awaits and the birds are singing a song just for you!

What You Get

Fitful sleep, comradery among fellow Backpackers.  Friendliness, peace, tranquility and serentity.